2020 was the year of change & enlightenment. We spent months in our Più sets, keeping our minds & bodies nourished, as well as our families. While we knew before the pandemic that something needed to change in our brand, reflecting on our future during the months of confinement allowed us to see this more clearly. 

We knew that we had to become part of that change that we wanted to see. And so, our new Più philosophy has emerged. One that is aligned with our hearts and with the responsibility we believe we have in caring for Mother Earth. 

In 2015, Più originally started as a passion project. We really loved pyjamas, but we wanted more from them - namely, we wanted loungewear that we could wear outside, that was affordable, comfortable, and chic. Loungewear that could carry us through the ebbs & flows of real life. This is still an important part of our identity going forward.

We swiftly, and organically, grew the brand and began selling our pyjama sets around the world. However, we began to feel something needed to change in our business model and in the pace of our production. 
This feeling continued to grow inside of us and so we took a step back to understand what that meant. We certainly had developed as individuals - we became parents and had separately moved countries - but more globally, we felt that the fashion industry had become so heavily centred on values that no longer aligned with ours. Becoming mothers gave us a sense of urgency and a greater awareness of how much our present actions were going to directly impact the future of our children and the generations to follow.
In this new age of consciousness, we felt it was time to do things differently and that meant to set a new standard. We believe fashion can have a responsible future and we want to be a part of that change.

Hence, Più is at a fresh beginning, which we have based on the model of producing 'at our own pace'. We believe in the philosophy of providing 'made-to-order' collections. It allows us to work more sustainably, but it also means our clients get exactly what they want.

We strive to become a positive force in guiding more mindful consumerism. We are committed to doing things differently, spreading beauty, respect and comfort everywhere we go.

Our goals?

  • To reduce waste and eliminate overproduction
  • To influence a slower, more mindful means of consumerism

As a small brand, we must do our part to support more responsible business practices that can help rebuild a greener future and realign consumer behaviour.

We have re-assessed our business model to approach production in a more considered, caring and responsible way. We are now committed to continue to design loungewear that flows naturally from 'sleep to street' but that brings with it a more positive impact on the environment and a greater influence over the buying habits of our community.

Going forward, we will be using only organic fabrics that are made from natural fibres. Changing to a 'made-to-order' business model acknowledges the pressing issue of waste and allows us to minimise wastage.


It simply means that we will just produce what is necessary - and nothing more. 

This is how it works: 

  • We design our collection & share it with you for pre-ordering,
  • You place your order within the time frame indicated & wait,
  • We then produce only the items purchased.
  • ...and in a few weeks time, your made-to-order piece will be ready & delivered to your door!

As a small brand, this enables us to act more sustainably, reducing unnecessary stock and eradicating wastage. It also means greater exclusivity for you, as each 'made-to-order' collection will only be available for pre-order for a short duration of time. Once that window finishes, you won’t be able to order that collection anymore.

Each piece is made especially for you, only when you need it. Of course, this means you'll have to wait slightly longer than before to receive your Più order. With each new collection that we launch, we will be transparent on the expected delivery times before you make your purchase.

We believe that everything worth having is worth waiting for.


“Loungewear that you can wear out.”

Versatility has always been at the core of the Più DNA since the very beginning. This is another way in which we practice sustainability. We design perfectly tailored pyjamas and loungewear that are comfortable, flattering and can serve multiple purposes. We stand by the belief that your wardrobe should be built mindfully over time with items of quality that resonate with your personality, needs, & lifestyle. We believe simplicity is the backbone to forming a timeless wardrobe. Our collections help you to invest consciously in longlasting & versatile pieces, which you can wear time and time again.


After we embarked on our journey into parenthood, our lives changed in all kinds of ways. Becoming parents made us more aware, curious, and mindful about the repercussions of our actions. The notion of time took on a whole new meaning for us too.

Inspired by organic processes & unfiltered aesthetics in nature, we want this to resonate through our designs. In terms of how often we will be launching new collections, we will not be chasing seasons, but instead will be mindful to take it slow, focusing on quality, craftsmanship & longevity. 

With this re-shaped philosophy in hand, we hope Più provides you with the building blocks for your foundational wardrobe, one which can transition with you through all stages of life.

With love & light,

Valerie, Gabriella & Bastien